Pricing of GTX 1080 in Indian Market by

On May 27, when the GTX 1080 graphics card are officially released and officially available in (India's one of top three online shopping eCommerce website) Indian gamers, tech-lovers gets shock of their life.

Zotac, Gigabyte, ASUS have listed their price 57% to 87% higher than the price announced at the Nvidia launch event.

  • Zotac asking for U$D +411 (+59%) extra!
  • Gigabyte asking for U$D +396 (+57%) extra!
  • ASUS asking for U$D +411 (+59%) extra!


  • ASUS non-Founder's Edition asking for U$D +525 (+87%) extra!
    (This is epic to see non-Founder's Edition is more expensive than Founder's Edition)


Shocked, disappointed and angry Indians found their way to take revenge.

They are flooding the Amazon product pages of Zotac, Gigabyte, ASUS with 1 STAR reviews and negative comments.

It's sad sad day for the technology in India
what's with the ₹72, 999 pricing!
Card is great but
Are you kidding me at this price?
STAY AWAY...OverPriced
Technology is a punishment in India... Sad!
this is really bad that in today age business cheats
Suggest everyone to stay away from this deal.
price too high, 640usd should be around 43k
One star!


For Indians, this is the perfect weapon for them to show their protest and grab the attention of greedy managements of Nvidia, Zotac, Gigabyte, ASUS.

Their anger has one common point, 57% to 87% extra can not be due to Tax. Shipping cost also do not add that much extra charge specially other graphics card are coming from the same factory, same country, China.

Their demand is simple, Price Equality. They are not asking for subsidized price, rather equal price that is being sold in US, plus Govt. Tax.
Even though, the USN to INR exchange rate has gone up from @55 to @66, they they are willing to pay $599 / $699 as advertised on release event.