I Hate Mountains: Left 4 Dead campaign

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  • Published on Thursday, 03 June 2010 17:00
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Brand new campaign call I Hate Mountains, for Left 4 Dead has been released by the famous Nicolas "NykO18" Grevet and his team, the same team who created Portal: Prelude. This new  campaign contains five different maps with extreme action and unique beyond-realistic atmosphere. L4D1 lovers will rejoice it to the max.

The Story

The I Hate Mountains campaign is divided into five different maps, just like Valve did with their own campaigns in Left 4 Dead 1. The difference is that our campaign is entirely nature-oriented, there’s only a few building and most of the action takes place in outdoor environments, which is a challenge to build in itself. We also focused our development on offering a better re-playability by providing several long alternate paths in the levels that can totally change the way you play it. 

  • Lost in the Woods
    The survivors crashed their bus in an utility pole of this dark forest while fleeing. They must now find their way through the spooky North American mountains.
  • Climbing the Manor
    The survivors got out of the forest and must now reach the highest point of this manor and try to launch a distress call from the radio broadcasting some tape loop.
  • The Underground Way
    Escaped from the manor, the survivors are now fleeing through an old system of caves and tunnels running under the manor and through the mountains.
  • Lumberyard Evacuation
    Freshly escaped from this oppressing cave system, survivors are now looking for help and rescue in the nearby lumberyard where military forces set up their outpost.
  • Lakeside Finale
    Fleeing the now infected and desolated lumberyard, the survivors find themselves blocked by a lake and are eagerly waiting to be rescued by whoever could catch their signal.



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The campaign was originally developed for Left 4 Dead 1.  You can expect a fully polished campaign with everything we wanted you to enjoy from conversation between survivors to full visual effects and realistic environment.

If you’d have to pick between the two, we’d advise you to take this one! And if you don’t have Left 4 Dead 1 yet, you’re missing the best game out of the two! 

Left 4 Dead campaign: I Hate Mountains

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AMD Phenom II X4 940 and 955 Preview

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AMD Accelerates Award-Winning AMD platform technology, codename "Dragon", with new AMD Phenom II™ X4 Processor. Phenom II X4 955 is said to replace it as the fastest AMD CPU and a tough competitor for intel i7-940 processor, both in terms of price and performance. 


Ready to accelerate

Take performance over the top with AMD Phenom™ II processors [and AMD OverDrive™ software]. Second generation AMD Phenom™ II processors feature a refined architecture, the award-winning innovation of AMD64 technology with Direct Connect Architecture, and 45nm technology for maximum performance headroom.

Beyond specifications

Tune performance with the superior headroom of AMD Phenom™ II processors and AMD OverDrive™ software. Combined with ATI Radeon™ HD graphics cards, they deliver extreme visual performance and the ability to control and monitor system functions.

Performance Benchmark

Total system performance

Build a total system tuned for performance, beginning with an all-AMD solution including AMD Phenom™ II processors, AMD chipsets, and ATI Radeon™ HD graphics with CrossFireX™ technology for multi-GPU support. Experience the power of gaming beyond high definition. 

   Phenom II X4 920
 Phenom II X4 940 
 Phenom II X4 955 
     intel i7-940
 CMOS Technology  45 nm  45 nm  45 nm    45 nm
 Frequency  4 x 2.8 GHz  4 x 3.0 GHz  4 x 3.2 GHz    4 x 2.93 GHz
 2 MB (4 x 512 KB)  2 MB (4 x 512 KB)  2 MB (4 x 512 KB)    1MB (4 x 256 KB)
 L3-Cache  6 MB  6 MB   6 MB    8 MB
 Socket  AM2+  AM2+  AM3    LGA 1366
 TDP  125W  125W  125W    130W

Energy Efficiency

Dragon platform technology enables manufacturers to design and develop PCs that deliver performance when you need it while saving power when you don’t. AMD Phenom II CPUs feature AMD Cool'n'Quiet™ 3.0 which automatically provides dramatic power management improvements with minimal performance impact.7 Its efficient multi-core design offers low processor temperatures and quiet fans, even when computing in HD. 

Free Software Supercharging

Consumers can take performance to the next level with free software from AMD.
Download all now at: http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx

  • AMD Fusion for Gaming - Easy-to-use program that, with a single click, automatically suspends resource consuming background tasks to focus more system performance on gaming.
  • AMD OverDrive™ - Highly-customizable utility with greater functionality that can help power-users take system performance even further, with advanced over-clocking controls that can be turned on and off with a single click.
  • ATI Catalyst™ with ATI Stream technology - Version 8.12 and later automatically merges the power of the CPU and GPU to enable a growing number of applications, such as ArcSoft TotalMedia™ Theater and CyberLink PowerDirector 7, to run dramatically faster than when using the CPU alone.
  • ATI Video Converter - With the latest Catalyst Driver 8.12, the new ATI Video Converter utilizes the graphics processor and ATI Stream technology to quickly and easily convert your videos to play on portable entertainment devices much faster than converting video using a microprocessor alone.
  • AMD Fusion Media Explorer Beta - Simplifies the entertainment experiencing by enabling a simple but powerful way for consumers to interact with their music, photos, movies, TV and social media on their PC. This utility offers one-button postings of photos to Facebook™ accounts as well as automatic related media searches when the system is online, plus much more.

Elite Performance for Less Money

End users can experience high-end performance with Dragon platform technology from AMD, all while spending approximately $1,200 U.S. dollars less than competitive offerings. Dragon platform technology consisting of the new AMD Phenom II X4 processor, ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 1GB graphics card, the AMD 790GX motherboard and 4 GB of DDR2-1066 memory can be purchased for approximately $900 USD. By comparison, a competitive platform consisting of an Intel Core i7, x58 motherboard, 3 GB of DDR3-1333 memory and the same GPU can be purchased for just over $2100 USD. Both platforms run the most demanding PC games like Crysis™ at elite performance levels, and deliver comparable Crysis benchmark frame rates at an average of 38 frames per second.  

AMD News Release

AMD Phenom II Overclocked to 6.5GHz - New World Record for 3DMark


Sneak Peek of AMD Phenom II X4 940 and 955 Processor





Benchmark results are coming real soon. 

A-DATA Unveiled X Series DDR3 Line-Up

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A-DATA proudly introduces the latest cooling solution for extreme performance X Series memory modules.

A-DATA’s X Series version 2.0 includes 4 types of cooling solutions -

  • Active Cooling
  • Passive Cooling
  • Water Cooling
  • Liquid Cooling.

You don’t have to remove heat spreaders and buy an after market ram module cooling solution, you have them all here! With new X Series version 2.0 high performance modules, you have total control of your high performance memory modules by selecting your favorite cooling solution.



  • A-DATA OC verified DDR3 IC 
  • Dual Blue LED Fan
       – 3500RPM
       – 50 x 50 mm
       – Noise level : 21.8dB
       – High performance cooling heat spreader with 2.4W/mK high conductive thermal pad.
  • Optimized for 64-bit operation systems
  • Backward compatible with DDR3-1333 and DDR3-1066.




  • 2/4GB dual channel module kit is tested at 1600 MHz 7-7-7-20 by 1.75V~1.85V
  • 100% tested at Intel P45, X48 and NVIDIA 790i chipset motherboards
  • SPD (Serial Presence Detect) programmed at JEDEC standard DDR3-1333 CL 9-9-9
  • Lifetime limited warranty


This product clocks at DDR3-1600 CL7-7-7-20 by 1.75V~1.85V and is available as 1GB x 2 and 2GB x 2 dual-channel kits. In addition, X Series version 2.0 heat spreader comes with 2.4W/mK high performance heat conductive thermal pad which has twice of thermal conductivity performance than any others (1.2 W/mK).

OC team is a newly formed independent unit within the big A-DATA family with the objective to develop high-end performance products. Please visit A-DATA OC Forum to see how OC team utilizes X Series version 2.0 in both, high performance mode and power saving mode.
A-DATA X Series memory represents the ultimate overclocking performance. It was developed to unleash the hidden power of CPU and motherboard by using A-DATA’s latest overclocking IC sorting technology.

* XPG cooling solution can only be installed on X Series version 2.0 heat spreaders.



Release date

Active Cooling: 1-Oct-2008
Passive Cooling: by demand
Water Cooling: by demand
Liquid Cooling: by demand

Retail price

DDR3-1600X Ver2.0, 1GBx2 Kit: 250 U$D (incl VAT.)
DDR3-1600X Ver2.0, 2GBx2 Kit: 400 U$D (incl VAT.)