Nvidia GTX 1080 Reviews by YouTubers

Last month of May, Nvidia unveiled the latest in its powerful line of graphics cards GTX 1080 and 1070 and announced the release date as May 27th, 2016.

But, before the official release, YouTube site was filled with GTX 1080 preview and reviews and even mods/overclocking by thousands of YouTube and tech-sites reviewers.

Where they get the card(s) from? Did they buy those cards?
The cards were not available in the market yet!

Answer: They got the cards FREE from Nvidia.

Some of them got multiple pcs, multiple editions to show-off their SLI setup.
As they don't have to buy, they even started wining about the limitation that GTX 1080 can not have more than 2-way SLI. For them they want to do 4-way SLI or more and want all cards for free from Nvidia.

No YouTuber or tech-site mention whether they bought the card by their own money or got them for FREE.


Now, Nvidia has to recover these money that they gave away as thousands of free graphics cards for those YouTubers and tech-sites.


Simple, add the cost with the Retail MRP / MSRP price, specially for the developing market.
Customers are dumb-ass here. Just milk them.


Nvidia Market Share

Even though there is competition in the graphics card market, and there is a push from the AMD red-team, the percentage is not well balanced. Its almost 56% vs 25% according to latest Steam Hardware Survey, which is not accurate but close enough. That is Nvidia has more than double market share than AMD and more than AMD alone and more than Intel HD and AMD combined.


In Indian market also, we have more vendors from Nvidia team than AMD team.
In Nvidia team, there are ASUS, Zotac, Gigabyte, MSI and few eVGA also.
In AMD team, there is mainly Sapphire and few XFX and PowerColor.
(Survey based on Kolkata retail market. There are some other brands available but they do not have any service center in Kolkata nor India. They are sold directly by the importers through eCommerce websites like Amazon.in / Flipkart / Snapdeal etc.)


Also at the launch of Nvidia GTX 1080, there is not a single competitor card in the arsenal of AMD red-team.


All these market factors gave Nvidia the power of market monopoly.
And so they can now list their price 57% to 87% higher than the price announced at the Nvidia launch event.


And no one can complain. Or is it?