Windows 8 : Explorer with Ribbon

Microsoft today, via their blog, gave us a glimpse, a sneak-peek of Explorer which is being designed for Windows 8 and what we could expect form their next version of OS which is expected to be released around Autumn 2012.




The main noticeable thing is the new ribbon. It's got lot of ribbons which suppose to offer serious benefits to the end user in terns of usability. We knew that using a ribbon for Explorer would likely be met with skepticism by some of power-users, but there are clear benefits in ways that the ribbon would provide.

The ribbon will expose hidden features that they already use but which require third party add-ons to use in the Explorer UI today. It will provide keyboard shortcuts for every command in the ribbon, something many people have been asking for.

The new interface will provides UI customization with the quick access toolbar, taking us back to a customization level that is basically equivalent to Windows XP.





The Ribbon first introduced in Office 2007 had generated strong criticism among power users. Whether the menu is a good idea firmly in the system, we dare to doubt. Still this: Is it new and clever features, we have not discovered. Instead, Microsoft simply plugs familiar commands in new tabs. After all, the ribbon can be cut with a click - and via registry might also throw overboard all.




Microsoft will also take into account that the majority of users now using a widescreen display. More than 37% of Windows-7-customers use the typical laptop resolution 1366 x 768 pixels in 16:9 format. Despite the increased Ribbon interface, the new Explorer window still see two more lines of information than previously.

Check out the Microsoft msdn blog for more pictures and details and let's hear your judgment in the comment section below.