What is CPU-Z ?

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  • Published on Monday, 10 November 2008 23:46
  • Written by Nasirul Huq
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CPU-Z is a freeware System Profiler application for Microsoft Windows that detects the Processor, RAM, Motherboard chipset, and other hardware features of a modern personal computer, and presents the information in one window.

CPU-Z Sample

This tool is not only for computer hardware and software geeks but also a must have for general pc users who loves his/her computer. I have met with many computer owners who owns a pretty good computer with high-end spec but they don't know any basic details about their core configuration. There are people who still thinks that intel and Pentium are different !!

They can only tell the processor speed, ram size, and hard-disk size. They can't tell what is the chip-set or GPU type or RAM clocks.

This very small yet powerful tool that can help such people to know their computer better. 

The Positives

  • Tiny enough to carry it in a Floppy-Disk !
  • Extremely powerful and vast amount hardware information provided.
  • Helps to detect if most of the major the hardwares, cpu motherboard RAM etc., are working at proper 'value' or not.
  • Validates the clam of a Over-clocker's 'discovery' and helps to 'show-case' his/her achievements.
  • No installation needed. Download -> Extract -> Run. 

The Negatives(actually not 'negative', but I miss this feature) :

  • CPU-Z doesn't provide any information about System's Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). For that you have to use a separate software call GPU-Z but by a different company.
  • It would be great if it can show me over-clock results posted in CPU-Z Validator having similar configuration/hardwares like mine.

CPU-Z website

CPU-Z Validator website