How to publish Blogspot under Custom Domain

Blogspot name bothers you and you want to buy a domain, but you do not have any idea about publishing your blog under a domain name. Without buying hosting you can own your own WWW blog. Of course, you can buy hosting but first of all you must buy a domain name and you had better publish your blog under a domain name if your small business grows and becomes big business realize that its time to buy a hosting.

My first blog was now I will tell you how have published it under and how I changed all my links to on Google.

First you must buy a domain name from domain name providers (mine is, after payment is made you are a domain owner.

Now goto (totally free) and follow the steps below :

  1. Register ( Free !! )
  2. Click Add New Domain (Basic) and press enter.
  3. After done the second step you will see your domain name on Primary Domains section.
  4. Click your domain name on and type datas below :
Add a Record
  • Fully Qualified Domain Name:
  • Record Type: CNAME
  • Record Value:
 After filled all gaps except "MX" click Add a record button