Lost and forgotten passwords can be really tiresome when you realize you cannot retrieve them anymore. This can be the situation if you have a forgotten ADSL account password -- you can set a new one anytime, but often you are not permitted to know the old one.

We can easily do that using simple Telnet  program.

Here is the way to retrieve the password stored in the ADSL Modem.
The username and password is stored in the modem itself, not in the PC or server. 

But, before I start, this is geeks stuff and you shouldn't try it if you are not confident with CLI. You can follow the steps, its quite easy, but if you face any problems, you must not force it to work. You must google out to find the solution. There is also a Tool  to do the same thing, you can check that out here but its trial.

Here are the steps :

  • Start > Run > Cmd <Press Enter> in Windows platform or start Terminal <Press Enter> in Linux platform.
      • On the Command line, type:
                       telnet <Press Enter> or the IP on which is assigned to the ADSL modem
      • Type your router username and password.
        The default is admin/admin unless you have changed it. Click here to search for default username/password list.
      • On the telnet cli, type this:
                       console enable <Press enter>
        Console should look like this:
      • Now in the console mode, type this :
                       Quantum> fm <Press Enter>
      • Now type:
                       Quantum fm>cat im.conf <Press Enter>
      • Now this will be a big file, and will take around a 20 seconds to list. After the listing is finished, find the string "password". The text listed against weLoginName and weLoginPassword is your ISP username and password respectively. Its stored in cleartext. Like this -



I have tested this on Huawei MT880 and MT 882 routers. I cannot guarantee that they work on other routers too. But these commands are usually same on all devices so they should work on other routers too.