ADSL password recovery is a small utility that can help you to recover your lost or forgotten ADSL connection password. The password is stored inside the ADSL router and can be retrieved usually by using the telnet interface or by checking the source of the router configuration pages -- well, that is for the advanced user with some background knowledge.

This utility is made for the novice user who doesn't have the knowledge to do all those complicated stuf -- it automates all this process to just a single mouse click! Yes its that easy !

Here is the way to retrieve the password stored in the ADSL Modem.
The username and password is stored in the modem itself, not in the PC or server. 

Installation of adslpwd utility :

First you need to download the latest copy of adslpwd from here. Its a zipped archive containing a single executable file.

Usage :

After you run the exe, it will give you the following screen, prompting you to enter the router IP address, login user name and password. Enter your router user name and password here and press Recover.
The default is admin/admin unless you have changed it. Click here to search for default username/password list.


What this utility does is that it connects to the telnet interface of your router available at the specified address (i.e., port 23), and attempt to download a configuration dump. Once this configuration dump file is received from the router, it parses the output line by line to match ADSL account user name and password. The program outputs the matched lines to the status window. It takes only one or two minutes to connect download and parse the configuration and find the password.


I have tested this on Huawei MT880 and MT 882 routers. I cannot guarantee that they work on other routers too. But these commands are usually same on all devices so they should work on other routers too.