Welcome to the extraordinary world of Altec Lansing Multimedia High fidelity sound The speaker is a class in itself and provide the best computer audio output possible. Since Altec Lansing is one of the best known for its audio quality, its speakers should be an item of collection.

Altec Lansing's AVS300 Multimedia is an extraordinarily adept three-piece speaker system that sounds far bigger and better than its low Rs 1500/- price point implies. Although several conveniences have been nixed to keep the cost down, the AVS300 delivers great sound and ranks as one of the finest budget.

Box Contents

The box content are skimpy though, the bundle is quite powerful in it and is quite affordable.

  1. Two AVS300 satellite speakers.
  2. AVS300 Sub-woofer.
  3. Two Cables for Satellites.
  4. Two Wall Mount Brackets.
  5. Y-Adapter for RCA input.
  6. User manual.
  7. Black dust cloth.

The bundled accessories are pretty good but the lack of detailed installation guide make the rating down. If Altec would have been provided that it would have been a lot easier to set up the speakers.


This is not just for a PC. The speaker is specially designed for :

  • Consoles
  • CD Player
    • MP3 Player
    • Personal Computer
    • and if your mobile or any other media player has 3.5 mm jack then you can simply set this speaker and rest assured, you will enjoy some power packed music and will feel like heaven.

Product Details


I got my AVS 300 for Rs. 1500 bucks. So it should be a couple of hundreds cheaper now.

Power Rating

17 Watts total continuous power RMS (Root mean Square) not stupid high-valued PMPO.

Front Satellite Speakers

  • 2 Watts/ Channel @ 8Ω @  1% TDH @ 230-22000 Hz (-3DB) 2 Channels Loaded.
  • 3 Watts/ Channel @ 8Ω @ 10%TDH @ 210-22000 Hz (-3DB) 2 Channels Loaded.
  • Speaker Type: Active
Sub woofer
  • 2  Watts/ Channel @ 8Ω @   1% TDH @ 20-160 Hz (-3DB) Single Channel Loaded.
  • 11 Watts/ Channel @ 8Ω @ 10%TDH @ 20-200 Hz (-3DB) Single Channel Loaded.
  • Output Features: Bass Reflex

 35 Watts of total Peek Power @ <10% TDH.
 Sound Pressure level – 3 dB
 Audio Amplifier: Integrated
 Input Impedance: 10 kOhm 


Front Satellite Speakers

  • Driver(Per Satellite) : One 3" full range driver.
  • Dimension : 4" (W) x 4.5 (D) x 5" (H).
  • Body Build : High quality plastic with metal mess in the front.
Sub woofer
  • Driver : One 5.25 long throw woofer.
  • Dimension : 7" (W) x 6.5 (D) x 11" (H).
  • Body Build : High quality wood with metal mess in the front.


Satellite Speakers

The Satellite speakers are the greatest strength of the AVS 300. Each satellite consists of one 3” midrange drivers .They produce fantastic sound. The highs are very crisp and clear and the mids are deep. They reproduce the sounds very well. They are not very good looking but not very tad gaudy for the look. The speakers come with piano finish.

Sub woofer

The Sub woofer stands more than a foot tall featuring a 5.25” long throw woofer. The sub woofer doesn’t produce earth shattering bass but produces good enough bass to rattle the computer table, glasses and the door of the other room in my house which disturbs my roomies. Since I am not a hardcore music freak I didn't take the volume too high. I fell good listening mild music. The bass is deep and you would feel your cloths vibrating in resonance in certain tracks. This sub wouldn’t suit people who love loads n loads of bass.

Test Configuration

I have coupled my AVS300 with Realteak AC'97. Guys who have the AVS and guys who are planning to get one please couple it with atleast an Creative SB live 24 bit to explore the full potential of the AVS.

I use WMP11 and iTunes, for audio and VLC for movies. The combination of these software’s and the AVS has been very good. But still the punch is lacking which is lacking due to Ac'97 which will soon be replenished when I'll shit to a decent board supporting 8 channel Audio.

Experience, Performance and Placement

There is only one word to tell my experience with these speakers, it’s fabulous. I just got in love with them from the moment I saw them. For the price that these babies are nothing, especially for guys with less pocket. The stats are the real strength to the speakers. I was able to hear certain subtle sounds in a lot of tracks that I hadn’t heard before. The highs and mids are real crisp and clear. The low end bass is really deep. The specs tell that they can produce sounds from 30Hz, but I guess it’s more like 35Hz to 20 kHz since the sub struggled to reproduce a track which produced sound of 30 Hz.

The Positives:

  • Wooden sub-woofer for best BASS output.
  • No installation manual is needed.. thanks to color-coded jacks.
  • 17 watts RMS is a bit low but more than enough for a small room.
  • Available in two colors - 'angle' White and 'mean' Black.
  • Metal mess in front of speakers and sub-woofers instate of cloth, so lifetime great performance.
  • Satellite Speakers are well shielded, so no discoloration at the corners of a monitor.
The Negatives:
  • Installation manual is of no use. Cords are tagged with small paper strip instruction !! It is bad for new users.
  • Altec Lansing does not bloat the ratings like some manufacturers, quoting in terms of PMPO. But as a result, new users get confused with local super cheap but mind blowingly high PMPO valued speakers.
  • It would be great if they also give the provision to plug headphone to this speaker system. Then we don't have to switch the jack from the back of the computer. After all, not all PC users have the front audio-in in their PC cabinet.

Final words

From my review it would be clear that AVS 300 is a great speaker and one of the cheapest speakers available in India.

There isn’t any point in comparing these speakers to book shelf or floor standers which cost > 10k or any Hi-fi sold for more than 15 -20k…. These speakers are the best in the sub 10k range. Even you can not compare these with ATP 3 or MX5021 which are the heart OS 2.1 Series. Since I'll be shifting towards a 5.1 or MX5021 so these speakers didn't withstand against the outstanding 5.1 or >5K 2.1 speakers.

I would recommend these speakers to everybody who wants good speakers and are ready to shell out 1.5k. It’s recommended to people who want a beginners speaker worth the money. The speaker will give u support till life time if coupled with X-FI or a good external solution.

Final Ratings

Build Quality  9    / 10
Sound  7.5 / 10
Bass  6.5 / 10
Gaming   7    / 10

 Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10