AOC 24" LCD monitor

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  • Published on Wednesday, 13 February 2008 13:42
  • Written by Nasirul Huq
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I was looking for two 24" LCD display, one for my cousin and one for myself. He is into gaming and movies (like most 14 yrs usually are), so a TN panel with good response time is what I was looking for.

So after a long search, finally short listed Dell E248WFP, Samsung 245BW and AOC 416V. Dell quoted 24k, Samsung was not available and got a nice price of 19k for the AOC. My friend had recently bought this and I was really impressed by its performance.

So went for the AOC 416V. It's actual market price is 20.5k + VAT (that brings it around 21k including the taxi fare ) I got it for 19k inclusive of all, through my friend and his "contacts".

OK......too much talking, lets get down to the business.


The box is pretty small for a 24" LCD and its the usual brown box with details of its contents like monitor size, resolution, weight etc.


The packaging is pretty compact with the display protected from the top and bottom by thermocol.

AOC Box 

The package includes :

  • 24" LCD display
  • Stand/Base
  • VGA cable
  • DVI cable
  • Power cord
  • Driver CD (The manual is included in the disk/no paper manual)
  • Printed instruction as to how to setup the monitor.
  • A leaflet mentioning the the display TCO'03 certified.
  • A clamp thingy for cable management.

AOC Accessories

Product Details



 Active Screen Size  24" Wide
 Pixel Pitch (mm)  0.270
 Brightness (cd/m2)  400
 Contrast Ratio  3000 : 1
 Viewing Angle (CR > 5)  160
 Colour Depth  16.7 Million
 Response Time  5ms


 H Scanning Frequency - KHz  30- 83
 V Scanning Frequency - Hz  55 - 75
 Max Resolution  1920 x 1200
 Input Signal  Analog + DVI
 Power Consumption (On)  90W
 Power Consumption (Sleep)  <2 W
 Speaker  NA


 Wall Mount  VESA 100mm
 Regulation  UL, FCC, CE, Energy Star, RoHS, ISO-13406-2, TUV Ergo, TUV GS
 Emission Standard  TCO' 03
 W x H x D mm (with Base)  562 x 459 x 240
 Package  657 x 527 x 226
 Net Weight (kg)  7.5
 Gross Weight (kg)  11

Initial Impressions

Now the monitor itself -

AOC 416v

It has the basic VGA and DVI input and the screen is covered with a thin plactic sheet to protect the screen.

The OSD control buttons are located in the front which include source, auto, forward, back, menu and power button.

AOC OSD Buttons

The monitor in action -

AOC in action

The monitor is pre-calibrated for you to just connect and happy computing.

Further Tests, Gaming and Movies

As for test I ran the Everest Monitor Daigonostics and DisplayMate. The colors are simply amazing and the text is sharp. There is a ever slight mismatch in the grey levels but compared to the regular TN panel this one is a level above others. As the specification mention, the 16.7M colors difference can been seen compared to the regular TN panels 16.2 colors. I know it is done through dithering but still the image quality is better than the Samsung 940BW and Benq FP92W which I had sold recently.

The Viewing angles are good, keeping in mind that it's a TN panel and if you move beyond 155-160 degree the image does start to become haze. But if you sit in front of the display like I am used to, then there is no problem.

As for ghosting and blurry image, there is none. The 5ms response time does help. I tried Call of Duty 4, Gears of War and Test Drive Unlimited.

Backlight bleeding is non existence and did not find any dead/stuck pixel.

For movies I used the HD showcase video and few HD movies like Borne Ultimatum, Transformers all 1080p.


This is how a 720p video looks on a 1920*1200 display



Overall, the monitor is value for money which satisfies all you regular, gaming and movie usage. Moreover the price is good. I am also waiting to get a 24 incher for myself and after seeing this one in action I am also thinking of getting one.

To summarize :

The Positives:

  • Large work space
  • Vivid colors
  • Good viewing angle, keeping in mind that it's a TN panel.
  • Lots of setting for those who a ready to calibrate the display to its last details.
  • Easy to understand OSD.
  • Very thin bezel.
  • No ghosting or blurry image.
  • No backlight bleeding.
  • backed by a very good Warranty Term.
The Negatives:
  • No height or swivel adjustment.
  • Less viewing angle compared to the MVA,PVA etc panels.(But not a issue for me)

If I have missed some points please feel free to ask me.

Thank you for reading through my review.