You Guys were expecting too much out of this Game, weren't you ? I doubt EA actually made this Game for the Fans of the Genre from the past few years. This Game was purely made to attract new Gamers to the scene. 

We have had loads of World War II shooters and I doubt any guy who has played MOH : Allied Assault and it's expansions, MOH : Pacific Assault, Call Of Duty I & II & III (Console Exclusive) would want to go for another WW2 Shooter anymore. This Game has it's Faults, maybe too many but it delivers what it promises.
It's the Fun Factor that will leave you in awe in the beginning and ending of every Mission. The "First" Three missions are linear, simple and straight forward. When you reach the Third Mission, you know that the "real" Game has taken off. The Music, the adrenalin rush is what gets the Game going later on.


The Good

The Music, The Graphics, The Level Design and THE GUNS !! The Music as you may expect from EA has been delivered and every one will be reminded of the Band Of Brothers Music. There are times in Certain levels when the Background Score really picks up and the situation is portrayed beautifully through the Music. Eg. Landing in Market Garden, seeing Hundreds of Airborne Troops landing together around and the amazing Music just leaves you in awe of the magnitude and beauty of the situation around you. In the Last mission, probably IMHO the best Beginning ever to a Last Mission ever in a Game. The only Words that come out is, "No f%^in way !!!" Since the Game is made on the UE3 ( Unreal Engine 3 ), you can expect Great things from it and it delivers. The Cities are gorgeously shown, the Player Models also look Fabulous. If you really want to know what I am talking about, just zoom in with a Sniper Rifle on a German Soldier and see the expression on his face while shooting or while getting shot at or while giving commands to his fellow mates. The Levels looks beautiful too, the last three levels of the Game are the best looking levels I have ever seen in a long time.


The Bad

For new players it has to be the AI : The AI run fast and mean, spawn out of places you have already passed. They are coming in huge lots and Novice players will usually get ambushed badly. Secondly, the "recoil" on the Guns, people appreciate the "Upgrade" system but i feel, it should have been the other way around ? How can you expect new players to actually start off with a Gun which has insane recoil, no registration at times. Instead people should have had the Upgraded Guns and they should have deteriorated with time if the player used it more often. So he should dropped that gun which is Jammed and what not and go for another Gun. Maybe i am talking out of my ar$e but give me a break, what the point from going from Insane to Easy, it's always the other way around isn't it ?

The Rag Doll physics are all great and what not, but as everyone has heard of the infamous Stretch Bug, well it's not really common but whenever you see it, it's kinda fugly. But don't worry go a 4 yards ahead and turn back and the 100's Nazi's you killed will disappear in a jiffy. So for the Bad, you have A gun that recoils insanely, Enemies who don't get shot too often with the insane recoil guns, enemies who charging at you so fast as if they have boosters on their feet or something. This all makes for a painful beginning for a beginner. But alas, if you get a hang of it. You will truly have a memorable experience in the latter part of the Game.

Also you will need a good PC to run this Game, the only way you will be either drawn into the Game is if you have a good PC or you have a Xbox 360.


I tried to keep the Review Spoiler free without spoiling any Story elements, maybe cause "their is no Story". This Game has it's Highs and Lows and it is fun throughout. It's definitely worth a look.

I know its kinda late, but I am working on more reviews. I hope its helpful to people who had little idea about this game.


Test System:
intel Q6600 @ 3.7GHz, 4GB of System Memory, ATi 2900 Pro 512MB Ram.
Game was played at 1280x1024 with everything set to max including Anti-aliasing.