img248/9650/dtzf2.jpgThe chronicle of this hub drive begins when my birthday was near.. I went to Delhi and my cousin asked me what I want as a Birthday Gift the option were I pod that I simply don't like and the Pen drive. Then without contemplating about the future I abruptly ordered him The Kingston Data Traveler: Elite Edition, but he purchase The Premium Version of Kingston Data Traveler Series. My heart faltered in accepting the gift but then after seeing the Far Cry game I happily endure with the Hub Drive.. But as I am in a habit of it I am quite happy...


No ordering as soon as I disembark New Delhi my cousin said Bingo and the Drive was in my hand. For an instance my Dream came to a Halt. For a second the redundant truth was before me... My mind became futile.. I was speechless the rage deep down inside my heart was ready to materialize.. Thanks to the Big pack of Far Cry which placid my mind. So finally I settled my mind over the Data Traveler and I am quite happy...

The Drive

The drive comes bundled with nothing but it provides a strap which is so small that after seeing it I trashed it and never thought of it... The drive which I got comes with 1 G.B without any protection I asked for protection but that was folder lock .. Damn again I got another blow. The Drive is quite fast and has 6 MB/Sec read and 3 MB/Sec write speed. But seeing latest edition I think of upgrading but 1'st I had to upped my P.C .. In the Download center of Kingston there is only one software i.e for Windows 98 that hardly seem to be useful..


Some of the features that makes it a decent hub drive are : -

  • 5 years on site warranty. [Does It need ,all comes with nearly same]
  • USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatible.
  • Support file/drive compression on compatible OS.
  • Supports Windows and Mac.. But not compatible with Linux [Is that a good feature]

Some statement that suites the drive:--

  1. Ultra Portable storage device.
  2. Replaces floppies and Cd's
  3. No scratch and dust resistance.
Pros And Cons


  • Since lots of its series has been launched so its become really difficult but if your pocket is tight and you are looking for decent 1 G.B flash drive so its a best buy.


  • The main disadvantage of the drive is that it does not support password protection. Since today drives are coming with bundled Finger Print Reader so it become quite difficult for this drive to stay in the competition.
  • Another disadvantage the drive has nearly same cost as other latest but didn't provide much software.
  • Bundled accessories are nil.
  • The read write speed are quite good but cannot beat its heir.
Final Verdict

There is no reason u should look for this drive , not the pocket as I am not confirmed about. The pricing as it was a gift so it should be around 1k. Which is a nice deal but spending 200 more will provide you a more sophisticated and much more comprehensive drive. So only go for it if your pocket allows u .