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  • Compatible with all single and dual-core CPUs for Intel® Socket 775 and AMD™ Sockets K8/AM2/754/939/940.
  • The base of the Heat Sink is machined to 0.0003 per inch run-out, which optimizes surface contact and maximizes thermal conductivity performance.
  • Four 8 mm heat pipes guarantee the CPU will always run smooth and at optimum efficiency.
  • The large 120 mm fan provides extreme volume of airflow which will keep your Northbridge chipset cool at the same time.
  • Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Grease and Adjustable fan speed control included.



Dimension (L x W x H):     148x148x118mm
Total Weight:                      835g 
Delta Fan:  AFB1212H-F00
Dimension (L x W x H): 120x120x25.4mm
Speed:  1200 ~ 2500 RPM
Noise: 24.5~38.5 dB-A
Air Flow: 35.8~82.67 CFM
Voltage: 12VDC . 0.35A
Connector: Molex 3 Wire 
Bearing Type: 2-Ball 
Base: Forge C1100 Copper Base, Mirror Polished
Fins: Aluminum
Heatpipes: 4 Piece of 8∅ Pipes
Thermal CompoundArctic Silver 5

We purchased the unit from Sidewinder for $105.99 (aprox Rs 4500/-) including shipping. Didn't face any trouble with custom duty or postage fee.


ultra-x box

  • Back plate for socket (INTEL)775, (AMD)754,939,940,AM2.
  • One Retention modules.
  • Two clip bolts and one clip lever for AMD.
  • Four innerspring screws and four rubber washers for INTEL.
  • One fan controller.
  • One knob for the fan controller and two bolts for fixing the
  • One tube of Arctic Silver 5.
Ultra-X Accessories

Ultra-X exhibits the best mirror finish we have ever seen on any cooler.

ultra-x surface

Ultra-X photo4

ultra-x fan control

Detailed Installation guide  

Test Configuration 

Processor  intel CORE 2 DUO e4300 
Motherboard  XFX 650i Ultra
RAM  Kingston DD2 667MHz Value Ram
Power Supply  Antec Basiq Power 500W
Hard Disk  Seagate 160GB SATA HDD
Graphics Card  Leadtek 7950GT 256MB PCI-Express
Cabinet  Zebronics PEACE
OS WindowsXP Pro + SP2

Temperatures were measured with the help of CoreTemp .95 + SpeedFan 4.32

To stress test the overclock, we used ORTHOS + Real Time HDR IBL + Super PI 1.5 (16M) 

ultra-x installed

Enzotech Ultra-X Installed


Before we start with statistics, do remember, lower the temperature better the performance


Test run with Stock Cooler

 Status  OC Speed at 2.6 GHz with VCore 1.25volt
 Idle   39 °C
 Load  45 °C - 50 °C

Test run with Enzotech Ultra-X

Status  OC Speed at 1800 MHz with VCore 1.25volt
 Idle   34 °C
 Load  38 °C
Status  OC Speed at 2700 MHz with VCore 1.25volt
 Idle   37 °C
 Load  42 °C
Status  OC Speed at 3000 MHz with VCore 1.32volt
 Idle   40 °C
 Load  49 °C

Final words

Enzotech is very new to Indian customers like us. Specially the market is filled with low performing coolers from ASUS, Cooler Master and few other brands in the gray market. Ultra-X gives a great performance over stock coolers. India is relatively hot country and so, the stock intel cooler doesn't perform very good when we perform CPU intensive jobs like Office Server, Image Processing or extensive Gaming without a A.C. environment.
Ultra-X gives two opportunities.

First of all, for those who wants better cooling performance than the stock Intel heatsink. Just swap it with the Ultra-X, set the fan speed to low or mid. You will get a immediate drop of 10 °C without any increase in noise.

For moderate overclockers,  you can easily overclock your processor and still maintain acceptable temperatures.
It turns out to be speed-noise ration that a overclocker have to decide.

The Positives:

  • Good cooling performance.
  • Easy to install. Perfect fitting and doesn't move a bit.
  • Can be installed in any orientation if you are using big cabinet.
  • Fan speed can be controlled, virtually silent upto 1800RPM.
  • Good branded thermal paste included in the package.
  • As its a down facing cooler, it cools the surrounding components like
    northbridge, memory, PWM and maybe the back of your graphics card.

The Negatives:

  • Had to remove the mobo for installation.
  • Noisy when the fan is at its full speed.
  • Weight, 835g with the fan. Have to be careful while moving your cabby with the cooler installed.
  • Not compatable with all motherboards.
  • Not available in Indian market. Have to import.

Final Ratings

 Design  9 / 10
 Installation  7 / 10
 Accessories  7 / 10
 Overclocking  6 / 10
 Value of Money  6 / 10
 Overall  7 / 10