VALVe is bringing Source Engine Mods on Steam

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  • Published on Thursday, 25 September 2008 13:42
  • Written by Nasirul Huq
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It's official - from next week many Source mods will be available directly from Steam as a free download, making it much easier for you to download and install, as well as to keep up with the latest updates.

Source MODs

As a part of our continuing efforts to support the MOD community, we will begin hosting selected MODs directly on Steam starting next week. The first five MODs to ship on steam will be Age of Chivalry, D.I.P.R.I.P., Insurgency, Synergy, and Zombie Panic. As always, owners of any Source game will be able to download and play all of these MODs for free.

Once installed, these MODs will appear in your "My Games" list and will receive automatic updates just like other games on Steam. Also, these MODs now take advantage of Steamworks, which provides stat tracking and tighter integration with the Steam community.

We're excited to see MOD developers get wider recognition for the hard work they have done, and we hope to support more MOD teams in the future. Watch for the official release next week!


Downloadable MODs are -

and many many more comming soon. List.


Download Steam

Nvidia's New Lineup of Mobile Graphics Chips

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  • Published on Sunday, 08 June 2008 03:01
  • Written by Ayan Debnath
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Nvidia, the world’s top supplier of discrete graphics processors, unveiled its new lineup of graphics processing units (GPUs) at Computex Taipei 2008.

The new GeForce 9-series supports such features as Hybrid SLI as well as some clock-speed improvements over GeForce 8M-series. Still, the new lineup seems to be based on previous-generation technology and does not provide feature or performance breakthroughs.

Nvidia GeForce 9M family of graphics chips for notebooks currently includes nine members aimed at various market segments, from low-end integrated to entry-level and mainstream discrete. The new chips feature improved high-definition PureVideo engine functionality thanks to new drivers as well as the new MXM version 3.0 graphics module specification.

In addition, thanks to Hybrid SLI technology, the new GPUs can work in tandem with built-in GeForce 9M graphics cores to boost video game performance or disable themselves to reduce power consumption.

The mainstream – GeForce 9650M GS, GeForce 9600M GT, 9600M GS and 9500M GS – seem to be based on Nvidia code-named G84 graphics processor or its derivative with 32 unified shader processors and should offer slightly higher performance compared to GeForce 8600M and 8700M offerings due to higher clock-speeds. The models that address the entry level market of notebook standalone GPUs – GeForce 9500M G, 9300M GS and 9300M G – seem to be based on Nvidia code-named G86 chip or its younger brother with 16 unified shader processors. Nvidia GeForce 9200M GS and 9100M G are integrated graphics cores with 8 unified shader processors. Nvidia remained tight-lipped over specs of the vast majority of its new offerings.

“Beginning this summer, GeForce 9M GPUs and Hybrid SLI, paired with AMD and Intel CPUs, will enable a new breed of notebooks. These new notebooks will be optimized to deliver a visual experience and raw computing performance that traditional cookie-cutter notebooks with integrated graphics simply can’t touch,” said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of the GPU business at Nvidia.

According to Nvidia, the new GeForce 9M GPUs will power the visual computing experience in over a hundred notebook models beginning this summer.

Generally we Indians don't wait for summer but rather spring or winter, but this time we will wait forthe summer to see the revolution.


VALVe and NVIDIA Offer: Free Portal-First Slice

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  • Published on Tuesday, 08 January 2008 13:42
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All NVIDIA gamers may receive a free copy of Portal: First Slice, a special version of the award-winning new game from Valve, by visiting and "Taking the Test."

The most recent Steam Hardware Survey shows more Steam gamers play on NVIDIA GeForce hardware than any other graphics platform. In an effort to further support this popular PC gaming configuration - Steam games plus NVIDIA hardware - Valve and NVIDIA have entered into an agreement to collaborate on development, distribution, events, and more.

"More Steam gamers, including myself, play on NVIDIA hardware than any other GPU," said Doug Lombardi, vice president of marketing at Valve. "That's a testament to the company's long history of innovation and quality. By working together with NVIDIA to expand our development, distribution, and marketing efforts, we're increasing our ability to serve the millions of NVIDIA customers logging onto Steam and help us prepare for our next generation of content."

Throughout the coming year, the companies will also be working together to support competitive gaming events for Counter-Strike® and Team Fortress® 2 and will continue to work together to define and support the breakthrough features of tomorrow's games and graphics hardware.

"Valve's endorsement of our technology and tools is yet another example of how the world's leading gaming companies are working with NVIDIA," said Roy Taylor, vice president of content relations at NVIDIA. "Portal is the hottest new, award-winning title from Valve, and we're delighted that Valve will offer First Slice exclusively to GeForce customers."

Portal: First Slice is now available to all NVIDIA customers. For more information about the offer or to take the test, please click here. Steam will then auto-detect the presence of NVIDIA hardware and make Portal: First Slice available immediately, free of charge. To make it easy for all NVIDIA customers to redeem this offer, a link to the Steam offer will also be included in all NVIDIA drivers.

This free offer also comes with the following games:

    • Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
    • Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
    • Portal: The First Slice (Playable Demo of Portal)
    • Peggle Extreme

Portal: First Slice 


AMD to announce New Naming System next week

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  • Published on Monday, 04 June 2007 07:04
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AMD will introduce a new modeling system for its processors. Under the new naming scheme, the performance rating goes away in favor of an alphanumeric model. AMD will also refer to the new Athlon 64 X2 models simply as AMD Athlon. AMD will drop the “64” suffix claiming it is no longer necessary to claim 64-bit support and allows for a shorter name. 

The new naming scheme debuts early next week with the Athlon X2 BE-2350 and BE-2300 models. The new alphanumeric modeling system allows AMD to designate different models by thermal design power, processor series and speed.

The first two alphabetical characters of the model number indicate the processor class and TDP rating. AMD designates the Athlon X2 BE-series processors as sub-65-watt TDP models. The new Athlon X2 BE-2350 and BE-2300 feature 45-watt TDP ratings. AMD intends to release different processor classes as it becomes necessary.

The first numeral in the model number indicates the processor series and processor attributes, while the remaining three numerals indicate speed within the series and class. AMDs new modeling system names processors on a higher-is-better system.

AMD Naming system

The new naming scheme designates the first letter as the processor class. AMD currently has three processor classes for the new scheme – G, B and L. All G-class processors are designated as premium processors under the Phenom X4 and X2 names. The B-class processors slot below the G-class processors as an intermediate model. At the bottom of the AMD ladder is the L-class processors. L-class processors carry the AMD Athlon or Sempron names.

AMD Naming system

The second letter in the model designates thermal design power class. AMD P-class processors have TDPs greater than 65-watts; S-class processors have TDPs of approximately 65-watt while E-class processors have less than 65-watt TDPs.

Under the new naming scheme, upcoming Stars-family dual and quad-core processors will carry the AMD Phenom X2 GS-6xxx and Phenom X4 GP-7xxx names. Value-priced AMD Athlon and Sempron processors will carry the Athlon X2 LS-2xxx and Sempron LE-1xxx names.

AMD Phenom FX processors will not follow the new class designations; however, AMD is undecided on the model numbers.

AMD has prepared to launch the new Athlon X2 BE-2350 and BE-2300 early next week. Pricing for the new models is set at $91 and $86 for the Athlon X2 BE-2350 and BE-2300, per-processor in 1,000-unit quantities, respectively.

XFX introduces Channel Promotion program

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  • Published on Monday, 30 April 2007 00:12
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XFX a World wide leader in Graphics Card market has announced a channel promotion scheme for partners coinciding with five years of business completion of in India.

The focus through this scheme is to help partners accelerate business this summer for its range of products including Motherboards and Graphics card. Every single graphics card and motherboard sold during the period of 1 month starting 17th April to 17th May will get an additional US$1 over and above the normal benefits.

Introducing the scheme, Mr. Sunny Narain – VP, Sales and Marketing XFX – HongKong said, “India has been one of the highest growth regions and the extra incentive is to reward the partners who have been a constant support to us”.
To register themselves for the scheme, partners need to email their company information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  before 9th May 2007.

Highlighting the details about the scheme, Mr. Kapal Pansari, Business Manager, Rashi Peripherals said, “Unlike other schemes this scheme will not allow partners to discount or encash the additional sum and only authorized partners will be eligible for the benefit and no representation will allowed”.

Along with the additional incentive, XFX currently is also running a series of technical road shows cum training programs for partners. Pune and Nagpur were the first 2 cities where the programs were successfully conducted last week with an average attendance of around 45 partners in each city. The company plans to conduct more such training programs in other cities specifically in northern region in the coming months.

Mr. Kapal further added, “This scheme is just a preview of the many things that XFX is planning to come up with in the future to enhance the business prospects in India”.

To avail the benefit, all claims must be mailed by 28th May to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and the payments will be made in 30 days upon successful verification of claims.