Asus will be showing off a new 8600 GT card at Computex that comes with the OCgear hardware overclocking control. If you remember the XG Station, then you’ll be familiar with the OCgear, as it looks almost identical, except that it slots into a 5.25-inch drive bay in your case, rather than being an external solution.

We haven’t got the details on how it connects to the graphics card as yet, but the OCgear allows you to control the GPU speed on the fly. It also displays the GPU temperature, allows you to adjust the fan speed and displays how many FPS you’re getting. It also allows you to adjust the volume of your system, but it’s unclear if this only works with Asus motherboards or any sound card or on-board solution.

 asus ocgear

It’s always great to see a manufacturer that’s willing to try something new and Asus always have some wacky new ideas, but the OCgear should make it easier for those that aren’t at home with overclocking their graphics card. It’s always easier to turn a knob than it is to fiddle around with software settings, besides, we’re fairly sure that Asus has put in some safe guards so anyone that buys this card won’t break it by turning the knob too far. We’ll bring you more on the OCgear from Computex next week.


 Internal 4-Pin USB connector
 Power Consumption
 LED Display Size
 89mm * 31.6mm
 Bezel Size  148.5 * 42.6mm
 Dimension Max  148.5 * 42.6 * 139.6mm (without cable)
 LED Display Functions
  1. System Master Volume
  2. GPU Speed
  3. GPU Speed
  4. Current FPS
  5. GPU Fan Speed
 Adjustable Function
  1. System Master Volume
  2. GPU Speed
  3. GPU Fan Speed

The Device

asus ocgear