Micromax mobiles vs Samsung mobiles

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Micromax mobiles vs Samsung mobiles

Micromax mobiles are today challenging plenty of local as well as international brands like Samsung  and Nokia by offering the low budgeted mobile handsets which are featured with the plenty of advanced and latest features. Micromax mobiles have raised the revolution in the mobile industry by using its low cost strategy. Even now Samsung mobiles have launched its low range of handsets in order to meet the customers demand. There is no doubt in that the Samsung mobiles are much appreciable brand in Indian mobile market than Micromax mobiles.


Samsung mobile has its long successful history and Micromax mobile has started its journey from last few years. Samsung mobile has mobile for every class from top level to entry level where as Micromax mobiles only targets the entry level market. Samsung mobile is the blend of quality, credibility and reliability and Micromax mobile are known for its pricing and unbeaten battery backup. Micromax mobiles are much better than the any other local mobile brands in India.

Micromax Van Gogh

Micromax mobiles have become popular in very short span of time and Samsung mobiles have seen plenty of up and downs in its long journey. But now Samsung mobiles are also giving the tight competition to Nokia, who used to be the dominator of the mobile industry until some time back. Samsung mobile has added plenty of mobile handsets in its portfolio for different segments. By launching its Corby series in India Samsung mobiles have earned the extreme popularity in the mobile market and forces the other mobile brands to alter their strategies to stand front of it.


micromax Q66 Q55


Well the Micromax mobiles in India offered the plenty of advanced features in nominal cost range compared to the Samsung mobiles. Now let's check the mobile store collection of both brands. Micromax mobiles include Micromax Bling two, Micromax A60 Android, Micromax M2 music mobile, Micromax Q7 mobile, Micromax X266 Mobile, Micromax PSYCH X505, mobile Micromax Q6 mobile, Micromax Q55 bling mobile, Micromax X260 Mobile and lots more.


samsung mobiles

Similarly the mobile store of Samsung mobiles includes Samsung Corby, Samsung Corby Pop, Samsung Corby PRO, Samsung Corby Mate B3313, Samsung Duos B5722, and Samsung Champ C3300 mobile, Samsung Wave mobile, SAMSUNG STAR S5233 WIFI mobile, SAMSUNG M2710 Beat Twist mobile and plenty of more. Well the Samsung mobiles range also incorporate with high budgeted mobile phone which only suits to the pockets of prosperous class. Before shop for the Micromax mobiles don't forget to check out the low priced Samsung mobiles.


What webOS Means for Mobile App Development

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What webOS Means for Mobile App Development


From a developer perspective, webOS® is pretty straight forward. Most web app developers that have worked in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will find this very familiar. However as a native app, developers can also use the Services APIs which gives access to the hardware capabilities of a webOS device, which makes them much more powerful than just a web app.

Other features include the webOS application framework, called Mojo (which is a set of JavaScript APIs), which makes it easy to write multi-threaded, event driven applications. Apps can also run in the background, have multiple concurrent screens and generate alerts and updates.

Jumping into a little bit more of the tech side, there are also official plug-ins to the SDK which allows C/C++ as well as OpenGL/SDL application porting and development which may be useful in some situations. Also Ajax can also be incorporated to allow asynchronous data access without interrupting the user experience or impacting the behavior of the app running in the foreground.

Palm's previous experience with webOS before its acquisition by HP has created a very good range of tools, which most developers will find to be adequate for easy development and testing. Along with the basic SDK, developers have a range of supported emulators, including one through Oracle VM VirtualBox®, and well as plug-ins for the Eclipse® IDE for those that prefer an integrated development environment. Also unique to HP is the Ares browser-based IDE which gives you a complete integrated development environment from anywhere through the web.

To help with different display sizes, webOS apps can also be easily programmed to detect screen sizes and adjust accordingly. This may mean automatic resizing depending on the content, or pulling up specific graphical assets that are already optimized to specific resolutions. Also, there are many techniques that can help applications reduce resource consumption when minimized or running in the background or when the app is left idle.

HP's vision for webOS is much larger than just mobile devices. Starting in 2012, HP will also begin incorporating webOS into every PC it ships, which will give it a user base of over 60 million in less than a year. It is anticipated that this will function through a browser feature, not as a standalone OS, although it has that potential as well.

From an app development standpoint, this provides a lot of potential incentive to developing an app for the webOS app market, as well as incentive for having an app ready at the initial launch. However, as with other mobile platforms, success is codependent on the company backing the platform and the developers willing to support it. Developers must put a lot of faith into the company's ability to promote the platform and sell it to users, otherwise the developers will lose out. And HP puts a lot of faith in the developers to build a market that they can promote.

In either case, the ease of development on webOS as well as the extensive support from HP gives the platform a lot of potential for success.


Career : Video Game Testers

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Video Game Testers

Video game consoles

Game developing companies in order to generate more revenues are hiring video game testers. So finding the correct source of the companies whichever is hiring is a must. There are basically three types of video game testers. These are:

1) Freelance Job: These are those game testers who are well experienced and seek out for companies that outsource upcoming games for testing. Punctuality, communicative and clarity in writing are some important characteristics that you must possess.

2) Self-employed Video Game Tester: These game testers are those who write Blogs, reviews, and providing information about the latest games released. They make money in their own way by telling others about the game and playing it themselves.

3) Full Time Corporate : There are possibilities of being hired by big game developers for full time. For those who have a passion for playing video games no other job can be as intriguing as this. And the only qualification required for this kind of job is experience. No degrees and diplomas are mandatory.



If you want to adopt video game testing as your career then get to know the types of game tester that are responsible for testing different parts of the game. Alpha testing, Beta testing and Quality assurance are the three types of game tester's role you will always have to start with if you opt this field as a career.

In order to apply to this kind of job all that you need is to be serious, active and know the source of job. All that you need is to sharpen up your writing skills, build up an interest in gaming and have the desire to share your knowledge with others. These are the three requisites that can help you get a great job.


To be a video game tester, you should have basic education in place and more so a passion for games. With an eye for detail, other virtues such as programming skills also come handy in this kind of job profile. Most game testers are amateur video game players and with a passion for games, they try their hand in video game testing as part time testers. With passage of time they turn themselves into big time professionals and start doing well for themselves economically.

They can earn handsome pay packages as he adds up his experience in the gaming industry. This job entails an eye for detail; the tester needs to test each and every part of the game and report for any errors or bug.

As an industry standard, the tester is asked to test every version of the game i.e. from beta to the pre-release version. Now-a-days, video games are being developed in accordance with real life scenarios; the job of a video game tester has eventually become more demanding. The companies don't really want to hamper their goodwill and marketability by launching bug ridden games into the market. Hence, game testers have become indispensable in the development of a final product.


How to buy a smart phone

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 How to buy a smart phone

If you want to buy a smart phone, you must take the help of right guide to get the help in seeking perfect smart phone for your needs. Relying on your priorities, you can look for the device, which is easy to use and customized to your heart's content. There are many things, like battery life, pocket office, internet speed, whether it can download emails directly and whether it has work related features, which matter more when purchasing a smart phone. If you are also thinking to buy a smart phone and looking for tips about how to buy a smart phone then you will get all of them here.

Write Down your Smart Phone Related Needs: When you are buying a smart phone you must have a few objectives like, whether the phone is used more for listening to music or clicking photographs. But, if you want it for the net surfing purpose or working on spread sheets then it is wise to invest in a smart phone. Knowing your needs will surely permit you to single out the most right one; otherwise you get hampered by the collection of several different options available in smart phone.

asus concept phone

Operating System of Smart Phone: If you are looking for multitasking phone then you need a smart phone, which provides you that facility. There are a few smart phones that do not permit more than one app to work at a time. For this, you have to have a smart phone, which may handle numerous instances at one time. Speed is another issue apart from multitasking. Sometimes, outside glossy look of a smart phone attracts you but you must check its inner applications and then make your choice.

Call Quality: These things are still supposed to make calls, right? For voice quality, check the individual phone reviews. Wireless network coverage is always the largest factor. But individual rings can vary in reception, earpiece quality, transmission quality through the microphone,etc. A phone with middling to poor reception quality can be impossible to make use of in a lower network coverage area, while with excellent reception can make the best of the small signal that is obtainable. Another point to think about: some handsets have much louder speakerphones than others.

Software and Apps: When buying a small phone, never go for its looks only. You should see the usability and its different apps and software, which may take the usefulness to a great level. You must browse different websites online and look at the different selections, restrictions linked with different smart phones. If you do a bit research online about smart phone, you will get the big help in choosing the right smart phone. Many products reviews are available online to help you in selecting the right product.

Connectivity: If you want full speed internet connection, on the go, then you can go for Wi-Fi options on the smart phone instead of only GPRS. Wi-Fi gives you immediate connectivity. You are also able to make use of smart phone for downloads, video conferences, video streams and uploads. Do check about the Bluetooth connectivity as few have buggy Bluetooth stacks that make pairing with headsets and in-car hands-free stereos a pain.


Motorola concept phone

A QWERTY Keypad: You can find the exact similar structure in a QWERTY keypad like a regular keyboard. It is of a great help if you need to a lot of typing on smart phone without waiting for alphabets to form. This kind of keypad also helps you in tying fill fledge posts and other documents in a moment.

And lastly do not forget to browse through reviews about your chosen model in more then one website. By reading review about smart phone and using a few tips, you can choose the right and perfect smart phone that exactly suits your requirements.

LG Phoenix

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LG Phoenix
LG Phoenix, yet another value-priced handset by LG, features a 3.2-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen that supports 256,000 colors and gives brighter images on the display. The 3G-enabled handset comes with a 3.15 mega pixel auto focus camera which has geo-tagging feature. LG Phoenix is a quad-band EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and tri-band HSDPA 7.2 (850/1800/2100 MHz) device with 802.11b/g Wi-Fi.
The phone is based on Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, although it packs an older Qualcomm MSM7227 600 MHz ARM11 processor, the device is responsive enough in day-to-day operation, in part thanks to LG's relatively light hand on the UI. The mobile operating system makes it easier for the user to update profile on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The LG Phoenix comes with 160 MB internal memory which is expandable up to 32 GB using microSD card. The handset is available in violet color and has long battery life which can support more than seven hours' talk time.

The 3.2-megapixel auto-focus camera has no flash. Test photos looked good, but not great; the same as with other LG Optimus phones. The camera sensor picks up a reasonable amount of detail, and outdoor shots looked relatively natural. But indoor shots in dimmer lighting exhibited too much grain. Recorded 640-by-480-pixel videos looked okay and played relatively smoothly at 18 frames per second, though the lack of image stabilization means you'll need a steady hand. On final notes, LG Phoenix is a solid, dependable Android smartphone on a budget.