Cloud Storage service with 15GB of free cloud storage

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Cloud Storage service

Cloud Storage service

What is Cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a way of storing data on a hard drive hosted by cloud storage service provider over the internet. The data can be access virtually anywhere as long the user is connected to internet. The data can be accessed via multiple device like desktop, Laptop, tablet computers, mobile phones, etc.  running on various supported platform. Almost all the Cloud service provider support common platform like Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android.

Data Stored on cloud can be easily shared and collaborated with other individuals upon the data owner’s permission, such as sharing your vacation photographs with your friends and family, or collaborating a report with your colleagues.

The other benefit of using Cloud storage is data security. Imagine if someone’s data is stored in a single computer and by any chance the hard disk got corrupted or the data is deleted by accident or by any virus attack, a user had lost his data forever. Now if the user had backed up the data in cloud storage he can easily get his all data downloaded back to him.

Cloud Storage service provider

There are many free Cloud Storage service available for individuals today offering free space ranging from 2GB to 15+ GB.  Every provider has their unique privacy and security policy which user should be aware before using their services in order to be confident to save their important data over the cloud.  Many users just need tons of free cloud storage while on other side many user consider data security as their primary concerns. I, personally use and recommend only the Cloud Storage service which provide 256-bit encryption or better.  256-bit encryption ensure that nobody will be able see and access your data even if they hack into the cloud servers or by establishing any backdoor authorized or unauthorized entry.  These type of Cloud Storage is even safe for storing your sensitive data.


As we are going forward our file size is increasing day by day requiring more and more storage, may user use multiple Cloud Storage service provider to back-up their files. Which has a drawback – files are scattered across different clouds which sometime is a hassle in accessing desired data. Would not it be a great convenience to store all data in a single cloud and access whatever needed is a single go?

If you are looking for a solution to unify your scattered data into single cloud or looking for a new cloud Storage service provider, look no further because we have a solution now,, a cloud service provider with highest free cloud storage space with rock solid data security and encryption.


Let’s find out what is in a little detail:

Cloud Storage serviceCopy is a cloud Storage service by Barracuda Networks Inc., a company protecting users, applications, and data for organizations worldwide, and reputed big player in providing network security and backup solutions.
Copy is an online file sharing, syncing, and Cloud storage service built on the secure Barracuda Cloud. It became instant hit and over half a million users worldwide subscribed to it within 100 days of its launching. Files and folders are stored in the Copy cloud with server-side AES-256-SHA encryption to protect data.


Get Lots of storage:

Cloud Storage service
Copy is introduced on Q1 of 2013 with 5GB of free storage but shortly in the beginning of Q2 they increased the amount of free cloud storage to 15GB inspired by the news of Google’s unified storage of 15GB across all their products. And not only this, Copy even revised their referral program for a limited time of 5 GB per referral.
If want to stack up more free space, use the referral link below:

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Using this link to register you will get the default 15GB, plus an additional 5GB of referral bonus, making a total of 20GB to start with.
And once you signed up create your referral link spread among your friends.
Not only this if you post your referral link in the comment below this post, I will include in the post so that you can earn further free space.

As of today Copy users can earn 5GB of additional free storage for both themselves and the person they introduce to Copy for each referral, with no limit on the total storage capacity they can able to stack.
As mention on the copy’s home page, “the average Copy referrer has earned well over 60GB of free storage, with the largest referrers earning space in the 10s of TBs.

This referral is opened for limited time so get many additional GB as you could before the offer expire.[twitter style="horizontal" float="right" use_post_url="true"] [google_plusone size="small" float="right"] [fblike style="standard" float="right" showfaces="false" width="450" verb="like" font="arial"]



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