Is Mobile Broadband Speeds Overhyped ?

A recent study by a UK based mobile broadband comparison website, Broadband Genie, has confirmed their doubts. The report says that the mobile broadband speed is nowhere near to the alleged speed given by some of the providers. These providers are claiming that their mobile broadband offers the speed which is up to 7.2 mbps when in real the average speed given by them is around 1.2 mbps and sometimes dips even lower! Vodafone and Virgin Media are under fire from the critics for making unrealistic claims.

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Though their technology is amazing, the networks are still lagging behind with the overload of claimed speeds supposedly given by them. And furthermore, the report disputed that the speed hasn't changed since last year and was more or less constant. And because of such claims, the customers are overlooking other companies offering them realistic speeds. For instance, T-Mobile offers the realistic speed but is losing on customers because of other companies making higher claims but giving slower speed!

Now, talking about the real speed provided by our much acclaimed providers, Vodafone and T-Mobile are currently on our top list with the mobile broadband speed around 1.2 mbps. Following them are Orange and Three (3) where the speed hardly reaches at 1 mbps. The Mobile Broadband 2010 Awards assented with report and the companies did agree that the speeds were unrealistic and far from truth. Right now, Vodafone is the fastest provider in UK with the speed near 1.78 mbps.

[box type="info" icon="none"] Mobile Broadband Awards 2010:
For the fastest operator:
[ordered_list style="decimal"]

  1. Vodafone ----     1.78 mbps
  2. Three (3) ----     1.76 mbps
  3. Orange     ----     1.46 mbps
  4. O2              ----     1.42 mbps
  5. T-Mobile ----    1.07 mbps

[/ordered_list] [/box]

The advertisements by these providers probably will show the realistic speed that their Mobile Broadband offers after the criticism.