Micromax mobiles vs Samsung mobiles

Micromax mobiles are today challenging plenty of local as well as international brands like Samsung  and Nokia by offering the low budgeted mobile handsets which are featured with the plenty of advanced and latest features. Micromax mobiles have raised the revolution in the mobile industry by using its low cost strategy. Even now Samsung mobiles have launched its low range of handsets in order to meet the customers demand. There is no doubt in that the Samsung mobiles are much appreciable brand in Indian mobile market than Micromax mobiles.


Samsung mobile has its long successful history and Micromax mobile has started its journey from last few years. Samsung mobile has mobile for every class from top level to entry level where as Micromax mobiles only targets the entry level market. Samsung mobile is the blend of quality, credibility and reliability and Micromax mobile are known for its pricing and unbeaten battery backup. Micromax mobiles are much better than the any other local mobile brands in India.

Micromax Van Gogh

Micromax mobiles have become popular in very short span of time and Samsung mobiles have seen plenty of up and downs in its long journey. But now Samsung mobiles are also giving the tight competition to Nokia, who used to be the dominator of the mobile industry until some time back. Samsung mobile has added plenty of mobile handsets in its portfolio for different segments. By launching its Corby series in India Samsung mobiles have earned the extreme popularity in the mobile market and forces the other mobile brands to alter their strategies to stand front of it.


micromax Q66 Q55


Well the Micromax mobiles in India offered the plenty of advanced features in nominal cost range compared to the Samsung mobiles. Now let's check the mobile store collection of both brands. Micromax mobiles include Micromax Bling two, Micromax A60 Android, Micromax M2 music mobile, Micromax Q7 mobile, Micromax X266 Mobile, Micromax PSYCH X505, mobile Micromax Q6 mobile, Micromax Q55 bling mobile, Micromax X260 Mobile and lots more.


samsung mobiles

Similarly the mobile store of Samsung mobiles includes Samsung Corby, Samsung Corby Pop, Samsung Corby PRO, Samsung Corby Mate B3313, Samsung Duos B5722, and Samsung Champ C3300 mobile, Samsung Wave mobile, SAMSUNG STAR S5233 WIFI mobile, SAMSUNG M2710 Beat Twist mobile and plenty of more. Well the Samsung mobiles range also incorporate with high budgeted mobile phone which only suits to the pockets of prosperous class. Before shop for the Micromax mobiles don't forget to check out the low priced Samsung mobiles.