Hacker group Anonymous threatens to 'kill' Facebook on the eve of Guy Fawkes Day.

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A Hacker group called facebookOP claiming to Kill Facebook on November 05 2011 : Guy Fawkes Day.
A video released in youtube named as "Message from Anonymous: Operation Facebook, Nov 5 2011" was released by the group claimed that the group would “kill” Facebook because it abused its users privacy.
The group had declared they are going to execute an operation named "Operation Facebook" in which they would take down the network as it infringes users privacy and claimed the social network, based in Palo Alto,California, provides information to "government agencies" so they can "spy on people". Operation Facebook is first phase of 3-phased Operation as they Twitted on #OpFacebook. The group also has an large number of subscriber in the  forum they own encouraging like minded people to join them in their mission.



Is mobile broadband speeds overhyped ?

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Is Mobile Broadband Speeds Overhyped ?

A recent study by a UK based mobile broadband comparison website, Broadband Genie, has confirmed their doubts. The report says that the mobile broadband speed is nowhere near to the alleged speed given by some of the providers. These providers are claiming that their mobile broadband offers the speed which is up to 7.2 mbps when in real the average speed given by them is around 1.2 mbps and sometimes dips even lower! Vodafone and Virgin Media are under fire from the critics for making unrealistic claims.

mobile broadband company


Though their technology is amazing, the networks are still lagging behind with the overload of claimed speeds supposedly given by them. And furthermore, the report disputed that the speed hasn't changed since last year and was more or less constant. And because of such claims, the customers are overlooking other companies offering them realistic speeds. For instance, T-Mobile offers the realistic speed but is losing on customers because of other companies making higher claims but giving slower speed!

Now, talking about the real speed provided by our much acclaimed providers, Vodafone and T-Mobile are currently on our top list with the mobile broadband speed around 1.2 mbps. Following them are Orange and Three (3) where the speed hardly reaches at 1 mbps. The Mobile Broadband 2010 Awards assented with report and the companies did agree that the speeds were unrealistic and far from truth. Right now, Vodafone is the fastest provider in UK with the speed near 1.78 mbps.

[box type="info" icon="none"] Mobile Broadband Awards 2010:
For the fastest operator:
[ordered_list style="decimal"]

  1. Vodafone ----     1.78 mbps
  2. Three (3) ----     1.76 mbps
  3. Orange     ----     1.46 mbps
  4. O2              ----     1.42 mbps
  5. T-Mobile ----    1.07 mbps

[/ordered_list] [/box]

The advertisements by these providers probably will show the realistic speed that their Mobile Broadband offers after the criticism.


Gorgeous cases for protecting your Apple iPad

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Gorgeous cases for protecting your Apple iPad.

If you are planning to acquire an iPad in the next coming days, a superior suggestions would be to buy an iPadcase too. Not only will you need to accessorize but buying one is fantastic protection for your device.

iPad cover

There are various iPad cases out there inside the marketplace today and choosing one isn't that tough. But you must know the reason why you need one. For one factor, it really is a protection for your Ipad. Because of it's slim and light build, it sure require an exterior covering to protect it from accidental bumps and scratches. Being a lightweight device makes it prone for such. one of the perfect materials for a case is leather due to the fact it is resilient to your normal wear and tear. It can last for months without having you having to change it.

iPad cases also add a bit of additional sophistication as a result of its design. A variety of iPad cases are readily available within the online marketplace these days. You could decide on from a vast array of colorful designs or should you be that type of user who doesn't go much for sophistication, you could continually go for plain designs in straightforward black or brown leather cases.

iPad cover

Your gadget will speak well of your "techie" personality. An iPad is a gadget of high tech capabilities and it has characteristics which other people could uncover "hard" to use if not that well versed within the sophistication of technology these days. Details technology has gone a long way since then and so does mobile gadgets for use by businessman and students alike. iPad cases offer these gadgets a different step in "accessorizing" that will not just "protect" the iPad itself but speak volumes on what kind of user you are. Loud colors for iPad cases will show the world that you don't anticipate to be actual quiet in this techie world. You expect to be noticed. Swirling designs and exotic sketches on iPad Cases that you bought yesterday could well be replaced by plain and quiet ones these days.

iPad cover

In deciding upon iPad cases for your iPad, you ought to know why your iPad was bought in the first place. Will it be just one of your toys at household? Will it be your partner in company? Will you, perhaps go for looks and style when picking an iPad cases if you only require it for gaming and such? Or possibly go for convenience and durability if your iPad is for business? You'll find so numerous brands of these gadget instances offered online. Pick well. It is you who might be making use of your Ipad. It's best to know what your iPad needs.

Android vs WebOS

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Android vs webOS
Many early adopters of smartphone technology were blown away by the Palm Pre; it was a showcase of smartphone technology, and many of those same early adopters lauded its crisp feel and elegant presentation.

Fast forward to the present: Android and iPhone now dominate the smartphone arena, and webOS has been lagging behind in that arena somewhat severely. HP's new TouchPad, however, is a tablet that uses a new, revamped version of webOS that promises to be a true contender to the Android operating system. Is webOS a viable contender to Android in the tablet arena?
For the most part - yes! The webOS interface is very slick and smooth, and it has the same responsiveness that the Palm Pre did those years ago. Many of the problems that the earlier webOS versions had, like unstable multitasking, have been rectified for this latest incarnation of the operating system.

The operating system also feels very optimized for the tablet form factor, a problem that continues to plague Android tablets running 2.1 or 2.2 (though, to be fair, Google has stated that those Android versions are not intended for tablet use). It does, however, fare very well against Honeycomb, Google's own Android version designed for tablets; the two operating systems are more or less neck and neck in terms of speed, feel of use, and overall usability.


Where webOS is going to have a problem, however, is the number of apps available for the platform. Android's app catalog blows away webOS' app catalog; at last count, Android's app numbers extended into the hundreds of thousands, while webOS' numbers are more in the tens of thousands. It is a deficit caused by the lack of adoption surrounding webOS, true, but it is a deficit that will have to be faced by anyone looking to buy a webOS-based tablet in the future. Quite simply, the sheer amount of Android apps available are a huge value-add for the operating system.

This isn't an insurmountable advantage. Android had the same problem when it squared off against iOS. webOS is a very usable system, and with some effort and savvy marketing HP and other webOS backers could perhaps sway some developers to their side. It is, however, a problem that the webOS community needs to tackle smartly; at the moment webOS isn't as chock-full of apps, and users know it.


Other than that, webOS is a pretty worthy contender to Android. HP's TouchPad seems to be a pretty strong contender and is a great showcase of the HP webOS operating system itself. If webOS can boost app count and gain some market share, they could be a viable third tablet OS joining the fray; at the moment, however, Android maintains a slight advantage. If we had to declare a winner, we would have to crown Android !!