Interview: Future of Ageia PhysX cards

  • Category: Computer
  • Published on Sunday, 11 November 2007 14:42
  • Written by Ayan Debnath
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Upcoming Crysis game is showing us how much reality-physics a next-generation game can have using only the power of processor alone. Then, what is the future of PhysX cards, a dedicated physics processor ?

Crysis's physics is totally powered by CPU only, no additional PhysX card is utilized but it has more physics-effects than games like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six Vegas etc with a PhysX card.

PhysX owners and lovers, though very few, argue about the potential power of up-coming Unreal Engine 3 and games powered by it. Others argue why they should go for a PhysX card when games like Crysis can utilize the CPU alone to get better physics effect.

So, to stop this argument, we asked this same question to both Ageia and Crytek.

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